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Entrance to mall
Entrance to bullpen
Entrance to bullpen
Entrance to bullpen
Entrance to bullpen
View out of bullpen
Bird's Eye View of Model
Hall away from bullpen
IT Department
Int. Strike Team Room
Kitchen view of bullpen
David's View of Bullpen
David's view of bullpen
Entrance to Mall
Gated off hallway
Gated off hallway
Ad in Unused Hallway
Cells/Interrogation to bullpen
Booking to bullpen
Booking and Cells
Booking window
Booking door
Hallway with planter
IT and hallway
Strike Team Room Ext.
Stairs and scale fig
bullpen toward booking
The Shield Redesign Project
Class taught by Kitty Doris Bates
The final project for the class was to re-design the HBO show The Shield. Above you will see my concept boards for the redesign and my white model. I chose to set the police station or "barn" in an old mall, which can be seen in the model and boards. 
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